Two Week Update!

Two weeks ago, Tippy Top Games released our first game: Marty’s Escape. Just one week ago, Ding Bat made his appearance on the Google Play Store. In that short time, these two little guys have traveled around the world. They have shown up in 24 countries and 34 states. This has been, almost entirely, due to our friends and family sharing on Facebook, other social media and by word of mouth. Tim and I would like to personally say thanks, to all those who have shared, rated and played our games this last two weeks. The Likes, g+1’s and especially the positive ratings on the Google Play store have played a large part in how successful the games have been this far. This is only the beginning. A couple of days ago both games were released on the Amazon Appstore and very soon they will be available on Apple’s App Store. Thanks again for your support and for helping get our games out where they can be seen.

Jason Allen

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